Vaccine Link — Connecting you to locally available vaccines

Why we built this

Why waste supply when there is plenty of demand?

Some sources: The Conversation | The Huffington Post | Wales Online | The Independent

  1. Be Discreet: We uncovered that some vaccine centers announcing availability (which is a good thing) felt that the intention could be incorrectly interpreted by the public, undesirably reflecting a form of ineffectiveness. Hence, a middle man that could do the hard work, bear the public brunt and facilitate the connection was desirable.
  2. Be convenient for people: Not matching surplus supply and demand effectively did lead to long queues outside vaccine centers, unnecessary multiple trips to the centers and undesirable time consuming waiting around just in case there would be availability.
  3. Provide fair access: People benefiting from this surplus were dispersed and dependent on their social circles.
  4. Vaccine Passports: The expected rollout will mean that opportunity and freedom of movement will be dependent on whether you are vaccinated.

How you can help

While the citizen sign-up aspect of the platform is ready to use (“demand-side”), we are currently in the process of building the vaccine center flow (“supply-side”).

  • Are there any legal / government approvals we would need to move forward?
  • Who best we engage with next to move this forward (partners, etc.)?

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