Introducing Quantum X

I am on a relentless pursuit to marry the proven potential of hybrid quantum technologies with applications for the betterment of business & society.

This Series’ North Star Question is: Where are the magical capabilities of the scientific breakthroughs & deep tech capabilties MOST IMPACTFUL and USEFUL, TODAY?

Now, let’s start at the beginning and set the tone right.

Why this series?

  1. To lower barriers to entry for innovators & doers looking to access the benefits of quantum technologies
  2. To make real the fusion & to bridge the gap between this disruptive technology and industry doers
  3. To provide clarity on domain/application/theme specific quantum insertion points to drive decision making around corporate capital allocation
Finding the fusion for Quantum X requires new ways of thinking and multi-disciplinary collaboration towards realizing the potential exponential impact

I always want to be at the ready, towards ushering this technology into realms that truly flirt with the possible.

For Quantum X to take us to new frontiers, it is vital to bring together leaders, technologists & innovators who are pushing boundaries across disciplines together with quantum scientists.

So that’s exactly what this pushes towards. I will focus as far as possible on net new insight for a target group that does not live in the “quantum computing” bubble.

What this series covers

  • WHY you should care about quantum & WHERE it is / will be most beneficial (such that it matters)
  • The ART OF THE POSSIBLE with quantum today and in that context, ask the hard questions for us to find highly valuable intersections

Note: It will not focus on the technology element / how it works. There are many beautiful rabbit holes there, though that is not the focus point here. Many organizations and the press has this area well covered too. However, I am open to discussing this offline, so feel free to get in touch on LinkedIn.

What to expect

In the coming months, I want to open doors to innovators across sectors. For free sessions where we together explore the realms of Quantum X. If this is you, feel free to reach out or book a session here.

You can find the first article here:

However, I have been on a foray doing exactly this for the past few years. Just behind closed doors. So I’ll be sharing more with you soon, hold tight.




Entrepreneur, Technologist & Innovator | Venture Building x Innovation | Quantum Computing x Sustainability | Investing | Dance x Movement x Mindfulness

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Karan Pinto

Karan Pinto

Entrepreneur, Technologist & Innovator | Venture Building x Innovation | Quantum Computing x Sustainability | Investing | Dance x Movement x Mindfulness

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