• Nathan Zion D'Penha

    Nathan Zion D'Penha

  • Yasser Patel

    Yasser Patel

  • Niki Shah

    Niki Shah

  • Eden Joseph

    Eden Joseph

  • Roisin Bennett-Odlum

    Roisin Bennett-Odlum

    SoAmpli is an award winning employee advocacy platform that identifies and nurtures in-house social media advocates, amplifying campaigns. Founder @Mazi

  • Ethan Tan

    Ethan Tan

    I read, I ponder and I observe everything Tech. https://ethan-tan.com/

  • Alittlechinwag


    So my name is Chinedu but my blog name is “alittlechinwag” because I LOVE to talk and connect with people. I’m passionate about God, science, and writing.

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